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The crazy heat finally broke today and couldn't waste a beautiful range day. 82, low humidity, and a north breeze..So it was time to bring out some recent purchases for some range time.

Starting at the bottom, a new Taurus 856 snubby in the stainless finish. I have previously done a full review on all of these in slightly different models, so today its all about these versions of those pistols. The 856 came out of the box dry, and likely never shot by Taurus. After my checkout run last week, I did a little work. Replaced the stock hammer spring with a 9lb version, replaced the stock trigger spring with a 6 pounder, did some light polishing, installed my last Uncle Mike's boot grip and painted the sight. My trigger pull in DA is right at 6.5 lbs, SA is a quick 3lbs. Like my other 856 this is a good shooter.

This came from KYGUNCO when they had a sale 3 weeks ago, selling at $279 (free ship and no tax) add in a $15 4473 fee and this was a great value.

Next up is my new Taurus G3. This version came with 2-15 round magazines. After my checkout run, I did some polishing, obtained a mag spacer to use with my P226 18 round mec-gar mags, and ordered an unusual grip boot to try. My Trigger pull is running at 3lbs 4oz's after the work. I picked this one up at my LGS for $319. Like my previous G3, it is a great shooter. I am up to 200 range rounds and 30 SD loads. Added a CT light and this now serves as one of my HD pistols. Another great value pistol.

Last but not least is my RIA 1911. Man I am having so much fun with this 45 acp lead slinger. I did a complete polish job on this 1911 and got the trigger down to just over 2lbs. Added a bushing compensator, some cool G10 grips, and a 10 round WC magazine. This is just exudes cool and is crazy accurate. With the trigger adjusted, my reset is just enough to keep any hammer follow issues from happening. With the added comp, this 1911 is flat shooting and very fast. Another value pistol - purchased at my LGS for $459, upgrades cost $50.
What a great time, all 3 handguns ran perfectly and made me look like a better shooter than I really am. So nice to get out again - we have more nice weather coming this week..So that means I will be doing a review on my newest all metal 80-90's pistol.

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Glad you had a good day at the Range with these three Pistols! :) I find your work with the Taurus G3 interesting!

So that means I will be doing a review on my newest all metal 80-90's pistol. I gotta say with my polishing and spring upgrades this new pistol is freakishly fast and accurate. So what is it,,clues -- mostly only available as a surplus, all stainless steel, is a 3rd gen of the product line, and Sonny Crockett used on Miami Vice. My version is a rare individual owner version , oh and never shot, and made in 1991. I can't imagine not shooting it, but I got lucky.
IF you are referring to the new-to-you S&W 5906 you recently reviewed, then Sonny Crockett did NOT use that Pistol. In the TV Series he used the third generation S&W 4506 after losing his S&W 645 and 10mm Bren 10. Ref: Firearms in Miami Vice - Wikipedia


Sonny Crockett with his S&W 4506

As I've previously posted, I had the ownership of an S&W 4506. It was both accurate and very very reliable, but I found I preferred my .45 EAA Witnesses to it.
My S&W 4506 went to an S&W Collector who gave me a very good price for it.

S&W 4506
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