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Well I went to range today for the second time with my new PT 24/7 9mm and again it was amazing. Only put about 150 rounds through it but no hicups of any kind. Have about 400 rounds total so far. I loved this gone since I started researching it in September and when I bought it at the end of December. I have been really worried from a lot of the problems I have heard about them but I think this is the best purchase I've ever made.
I have shot wolf 115gr fmj, PMC 115gr fmj, American Eagle 115gr fmj, and today used mag tech 115gr fmc.
The magtech seems to be the most accurate but all ammo worked well.
So for any critics or anyone who has their doubts I hope you reconsider because this gun is AMAZING!!! ;D ;D ;D

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Have a 24/7 in 9mm, too, and really like it! I like it so much I'm considering one (or two) in .45 ACP. Glad to hear that yours is working very well!

Be safe and Good Shooting!
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