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24 /7 vs pt1911

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trying to decide which one to buy. got a great deal on a 24/7 but also looked at a pt1911 which looks like a great piece. I have a Glock 23 for my carry gun so that is covered. which would you choose between the 2 Taurus's??????
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The choice is a matter of personal preference. The two guns are designed for different functions.

The 24/7 is a high end polymer based gun. It is a "defense" gun pure and simple. There are no "internal workin's" to be tinkered with or tuned for competition shooting and the accessories are pretty much whatever you care to hang on the front rail.

The PT1911 carries a rich history with the images of WWII. Like all the 1911 styles, it is a "tinker's delight" however Taurus has made sure you have most of the additions already built in. The trigger is tunable and the sights can be changed with due diligence.

I've owned both styles... a 24/7 and a 1911. Each had their charm and strength. The grip on the 24/7 is as comfortable as any gun I've ever shot bar none. The 1911 has a mystic. So basically, it is an emotional choice... which will give you satisfaction. At least this is a win/win senario... listen to the advocates for each and then choose what you like!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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