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I've had my 24/7 Pro (.40) for about a month now. The first time at the range was more about just getting a feel for a gun as it was the first time I'd ever shot anything other than a .22 many years ago. I was using Remington UMC and found that my accuracy left something to be desired. I only hit the paper 8 out of 40 times using the first 60 shots to attempt to hit existing targets.

I brought the gun home (with my tail between my legs) and broke down the gun and gave it a thorough cleaning. My wife was busting my chops as she is more than a pretty good shot as her father owned an indoor range in the area. I decided to get some relatively cheap WWB and try it again. I read all the threads about the Heinie sights and thought I may have learned something. The first 50 or so shots were at old targets but I could tell that I hit the paper and was getting close to the center of some of them. Got to put up a new target with 40 shots left and low and behold, I hit the paper with all 40. Now of course that's not saying much but for a first time shooter, I was pretty happy. I was able to get the majority of the shots in the target with one dead bullseye. The wife still isn't impressed but I'll get better:)
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