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24/7 pro trigger and the firing pin safety

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Overall I really like my 24/7 pro 45 but the firing pin safety jacks up a quite a good trigger pull. As you all know the trigger has a long take up which is ok, so does my ruger p97. But on my taurus the pull is light and even for about 3/4's of the way then the trigger bar pushes up the firing pin safety which makes the trigger heavier but then the trigger continues the other quarter of the way then the gun fires. All my other guns that have firing pin safeties including the ruger, the firing pin safety is released as the gun fires. On the taurus it's in the middle of the pull like a speed bump which makes the sights come off of target unless I'm really paying attention to pulling through it.I polished the trigger bar and the face of the safety but the safety spring still affects the pull. I usually use the middle of the pad on my trigger finger but that makes the bump in the pull more noticeable. I going to try shooting it tomorrow using the 1st joint. That seems like that may help. Mark
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For an update, I went and shot my 24/7 again today. I'm getting used to the trigger which seems to be less of an issue and it seems to be getting smoother. One thing this gun is reliable. I shot about another 100 rounds of 185swc's and not bobble. It's pretty accurate too. Mark
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