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24/7 Pro LS holster

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Anyone know who makes a holster for the Pro Long Slide, or OSS models?

I cant seem to find one on Midway or Brownells.

Would a HK holster work?
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Is the Trigger Guard Retention point on this holster the main issue with it being too tight? If so, perhaps some surgical alteration could fix that. I have one on order for one of my .45 Witnesses. I use the Fobus HK-1 for my PT945, but I think that the Trigger Guard area on that one would be too small for a 24/7.
Jaeger, Thanks for the link and the info! This is good to know!
Nice Work, jaeger! I can see how some of my Kydex Holsters were made.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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