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24/7 Pro in .45 ACP Barrel length vs. reliability

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I am thinking of buying a 24/7 Pro in .45 ACP.

I like the long slide model, but am really undecided on barrel length.

I have read about all of the failure to feed issues, and magazine issues, and my first question is this:

Has Taurus fixed their issues with the .45 24/7 Pro? Can I reasonably expect to get a reliable pistol in this 24/7 Pro?

And my next question, is there a barrel length, or revision number that is more reliable against these issues? How do I tell which revision the retail store is selling me? I read that the Millennium Pro is more reliable in the third revision, but I have not heard anything about revisions on the 24/7 Pro.

Any info would be appreciated. I'll be buying in the next month or so.
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My Brother-in-law works at the place where I am going to buy from. I'll ask him to make sure he gets me a long slide manufactured in 2007. He says he thinks they only made the long slide in 07, but I'll have him make sure.

Thanks for the reply.
UPDATE: 24/7 Pro in .45 ACP Barrel length vs. reliability

I ordered my 24/7 Pro Monday night.

I ordered the 4 inch barrel, not the long slide. I was having trouble finding any dealer who could even get the long slide. Like the OSS, it's nearly impossible to locate one in stock in this neck of the woods.

So, since I have never even seen a LS model, I decided I was better off going with the same model that I have held, dry-fired, and drooled on for the past two weeks.

After the police check my background, I'll pick it up, and report how it works.

Thanks for all of the info on this site. Really good stuff.
.45 ACP

I wanted a .45 ACP because I do not like 9mm, too dangerous in the fact that it penetrates too much. The 40 S&W I really do not know much about. I felt the .45 was almost as common as the 9mm, but the .45 is big, tough, and American, damnit. And maybe there is no justification for it, but I also do not want any scumbags to be able to shoot back at me.[1] Sort of the same thing that John Dillinger said about choosing a .45:

"I shot a guy with a .380 once, and he shot back."

[1] DISCLAIMER: I do not want to shoot anyone, scumbag or not. That being said, don't break into my house. A gun lives there, and I just might show it to you.
Yea, of course you can change the characteristics of any gun / caliber by changing the ammo, but generally speaking, apples to apples, a 9mm has more penetration than a .45 acp.
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