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24/7 Pro Compact .40 -- Variants?

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I'm looking to buy, but noticed the Taurus website is messed up (i.e., calls the 3.3" barrel compact a "Long Slide": http://www.taurususa.com/products/product-details.cfm?id=104&category=Pistol ) and a number of dealer websites say the .40 compact comes with two 15 round mags.

For those of you that own a .40 24/7 Pro C...did yours come with an 11 round flush fit and a 15 round extended mag with sleeve? Did anyone get one with two 15 round mags?

I want the former combo, but would hate to order from a dealer advertising two 15 round mags (thinking that they made a mistake in advertising) only to find Taurus is in fact shipping some Pro Cs with two 15 rounders.
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As far as I know they come with the 11 and 15, I have not seen anyone selling them with 2 15 round mags, call and talk to the place you are placing the order with and have them get hands on with the gun and see whats in the box before you lay down your cash with them
My local FFL has friends who work for various firearms distributors (e.g., RSR Group). If I bought from an actual store, I'm sure they'd open it for me and verify the contents. But all three distributors I spoke to said their lawyers forbid them from opening any of the factory-sealed boxes. Their fear is that some buyer kills someone with a weapon they sold, and the victims family goes after the distributor for "doctoring" the weapon to make it more lethal. I know...I know...but this is the world we live in. I can get excellent prices ($299 for the SS compact, $465 for a PT 1911) from a distributor, but sometimes they get bad info from the factories. I figured some of the buyers here can provide a little extra confirmation before I do the deal.
If you are getting that great a price who cares what it comes with just get it and if it comes with 2 15 round mags for some reason then just buy a 11 round mag from Taurus for 40 bucks and call it a day
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