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24/7 pro C ?'s

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So my brother in law wants to buy a new pistol (He has Glock, HK, Colt, Calico, Kimber, Sig, ECT.) but when he handled my 24/7 pro .45 he really liked it and i told him the prices on them he said why not. now when he first heard i got a taurus he told me there JUNK and after i told him they really arent and thats just Glock, XD owner Propaganda for the most part he changed his mind well now he wants a pro C in 9 or 45 but i dont own a C so a few ?'s

1. What is the capacity on the 9 ( i read on the .45 its 12 but thats off the website and everyone knows were that can be a problem.)

2. Any bugs Taurus didnt work out being newer than the reg. 24/7's

3. how is the recoil on the 9's and 40's

4. are they good for conceal carry ( i know the mill pros are smaller but im just not a fan of the mill any more seems to me they will be phased out in the next 3 years or so)

and please tell all you want. I dont want to have a new member to the Taurus family who buyes a gun and has a lot of problems with it, especially since he bashed on them before he truly looked at them
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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