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24/7 Pro 45 acp. Problems right out of the gate.

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Well not the start I had hoped for with my first Taurus product. My attempt to field strip have not gone well.Remove mag, disassembly latch removed, trigger depressed, slide catch released with slide in rear postion. Slide moves forward about 1/4 inch past normal lock up. Now the pistol is bound and will free itself only after repeated push/pull of the slide. The slide refuses to move forward after multipe attempts. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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Have you gotten all the gunk and grease they put on it at the factory, off of the gun and it's moving parts?
That is why I want to strip the pistol, to give it a torough cleaning. There is definately metal on metal contact going on between the slide and frame, not allowing it to slide foward. I can feel it and hear it.
I got it loose. What a hassle. I just kept working the slide a pressing and releasing the trigger and finally she popped loose. I gave it a good cleaning and a light oil. One thing I observed is that since I cleaned it the slide no longer auto slams after slapping in a mag. I really love the way this pistol fits my hand. Its off to the range for a workout.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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