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This was originally posted in the 24/7 thread, but I moved it here.

I had three jams last night...the ejected shell casing lodged between the incoming cartridge and the slide opening, causing the new cartridge to stop partway into the barrel and the slide to stop.

FYI, I was shooting Remington UMC 115 Gr. FMJ.

Any suggestions as to the cause?

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Sounds like a failure to extract completely.

1) Disassemble/Field Strip your Pistol and give it a thorough cleaning, paying attention to the Slide Boltface/Extractor Blade area and try to clean under the extractor side. Sometimes sludge may accumulate there. Placing an empty shell in the slide boltface to press the side of the extractor out and flush with a non-chlorinated Disc Brake Cleaner into that little crevice on the side of the slide.

2) Also inspect the Extractor and Ejector for damage.

3) Disassemble and Clean all magazines. You might want to number your magazines and stop using a particular magazine when that problem occurs, isolating the problem to a specific magazine.

4) Clean, Oil, and inspect, your Recoil Spring/Guide Rod Assembly, as it may be dragging.

5) Last but not least, try a different batch and/or brand of Ammunition, as you amy have just gotten a bad run of Ammo. It has been rare, but I have seen some problems with Remington/UMC ammo.

6) Also, you may not have enough of, or using the proper lubricant in your slide rails causing it to drag slightly. What are you using to lube your pistol?
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