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24/7 G2C rear sight issue

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Got my new 9mm a couple of weeks ago. Been to the range twice. Once inside and once outside.

Noticed that the rear site is a bit crooked. Leaning a bit left. Tried to adjust it, but no good.

Last night I took the sight off. Screw out and slid it off. Well, there is a small pin under the sight and it sticks up a bit. It is pushing up the side of the sight. Like to never got the sight back on over it. Thought is was better to have the crooked sight on rather than no sight at all.

What is the pin for? The screw holds the sight on. Should the pin be sticking up?

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Have the same issue with my .40. I also noticed that that the rear sight is loose. It moves up and down I assumed the sight should be tight but I can't tighten it down anymore using the top screw.

Any ideas?
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