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SO the story goes...

Bought one brand new. Never got through a full magazine(10rd) without a jam of some kind.

Sent her back, and got her back last week. The repair read

Mag spring replaced
Firing pin replaced
Firing pin block replaced (?!)
Extractor replaced

Took her out, along with the 709, mossberg 715t, and my new stag arms model 2.

Fired about 100 rounds through the AR, flawless!

709, 35 rounds flawless. Never a hiccup.

1st mag, 10rd, FTE
2nd mag, 12rd FTE,

The next 500 rounds, yes 500, flawless. Glad to have one of my CCPs back in rotation :) I have missed her!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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