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24/7 G2 9mm range report

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This gun was NIB last week and after cleaning, lubricating, and working the slide all week finally made it to the range. I only put about 100 rounds through it, I was short on time and weather was crap, I only had one minor issue. It only happened twice, the slided didn't cycle all the way forward. I just chalked it up to there still being some shipping grease in some nook some where but it was about an 1/8 of an in shy of sliding completely forward. Other than that my shot group was good, it was low but good. Anyone have any info on adjusting the factory sights. Like, how many turns moves me how far on the target? With that being said, at what distance should I be trying to zero at anyway? Never zeroed a hand gun before just rifles. Anyway all in great trip looking forward to countless more.
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