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I had a G21 (.45 Glock) and it's grip feels nothing like my .45 24/7 OSS to me. But everyone's hand is different and that may just be the way it sits in YOUR hand.

The .45 24/7's have NEVER had the Ribber Grips.

My first 24/7 was a 9mm 24/7 Pro with the Ribber Grip and I love how it feels. When I bought the .45 24/7 OSS I was a bit disappointed that it did not come with the Ribber Grip, but I put a Hogue Handall Sleeve Grip on it and that more than makes up for not coming with the Ribber Grips, IMO.

Now the newer 24/7 Pro DS models come with only Polymer Grips, no Ribbers. Were I to have to replace my 9mm 24/7 Pro (perish the thought) with a newer DS model, I would just put a Hogue Handall Grip on it and be happy!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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