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24/7 feels just like Glock?

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I've handled 24/7 in .45 today, but the one I handled a year or two ago (in 9mm) had a rubber insert, where the one today had a solid plastic grip. When did this change? BTW the grip angle and checkering on 24/7 .45 made the gun feel just a Glock :-\ anyone else noticed it?

I have to say I like the feel of my M&P better...
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Not really GW, Only the 9mm and .40s come with the rubber grips. The .45s do not. I think it's because it would make the grip on the .45 a little too big.
You're right about the .45 grip size - they couldn't fit the .45 mag in a grip and still have room for the ribber-grips, so they just texture the polymer. A pity, though I understand the move - the ribber grips is one of the features I like the most about the 24/7. I carry a 9mm compact version. Wonderful gun.
I have no idea how you think the glock feels anything like the 24/7
glock = brick 24/7 = perfect

and the 45 has never had the "ribber" grip like the 9mm and .40
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Only the .45 version fealt like a Glock; NOT the 9mm/40!

24/7 .45's grip curve, checkerings... if I didn't know any better I'd think it was a Glock.
I have a 24/7 pro .40 and it kind of feels like a skinny version of a glock 23
I had a G21 (.45 Glock) and it's grip feels nothing like my .45 24/7 OSS to me. But everyone's hand is different and that may just be the way it sits in YOUR hand.

The .45 24/7's have NEVER had the Ribber Grips.

My first 24/7 was a 9mm 24/7 Pro with the Ribber Grip and I love how it feels. When I bought the .45 24/7 OSS I was a bit disappointed that it did not come with the Ribber Grip, but I put a Hogue Handall Sleeve Grip on it and that more than makes up for not coming with the Ribber Grips, IMO.

Now the newer 24/7 Pro DS models come with only Polymer Grips, no Ribbers. Were I to have to replace my 9mm 24/7 Pro (perish the thought) with a newer DS model, I would just put a Hogue Handall Grip on it and be happy!
The "Ribber" Grip was discountinued after 08 I believe. The quality didn't live up to standars, but not the .45 did not come with it ever. All 24/7's come with the same solid plastic now.
kansas_plainsman said:
You're right about the .45 grip size - they couldn't fit the .45 mag in a grip and still have room for the ribber-grips, so they just texture the polymer.
I would have to disagree with you on that one. I put one of the Hogue handall on my 24/7 OSS DS .45 and now it fits my hand even better. There would have been plenty of room IMO for the ribber grips. It is Ok now though thanks to Hogue.
My 24/7 ProC 45 feels a LOT better than a Glock. That's one of the reasons I chose to buy the 24/7 for my PCW.
I had my wife handle all the compact 45's that my dealer had in stock. She quickly picked up each gun and gave them the yup or the nope. The Glock was in her hand for less than a half second before she noped it. It took her about the same half second to yup the 24/7. She said the grip on the Glock was squarish and not comfortable, while the Taurus fit the contours of her hand. I picked them both up and realized that, as usual, she was correct!
Grip angle is same as 1911 not the Glock. When the 24/7 OSS came out that was in the literature.
I agree the 24/7 in any caliber doesn't feel like a Glock to me personally, and I too like the Ribber grip on my 9mm.
course opinions are like , ah-ah, well they are like soemthing, I don't remember exactly what but they are!
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