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22LR Conversion Kit Range Impression

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Well I purchased the Ciener kit and it was awesome we all loved shooting 22s through the 1911. It was accurate and worked well. I think we had only two failure to feeds and it was easily solved by just taking out the mag and letting the round fall out. Since this isnt a defensive kit, its no deal. If your thinking of buying it, I reccomend it. We shot all day for like 16 bucks. Plus it was nice to see the woman handle the 1911 with ease and enjoy it.
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Good to hear! You got any pics of the gun with a kit installed? (you can upload them in the gallery, than link to them). btw who was the accuracy?
Did you buy it from Ciener... or a 3rd party vendor like Midway or Brownell's? Haven't heard very good support from Ciener direct.
I bought it from a third party vendor. I went with midway solely for the reason that it was in stock. The accuracy seemed great. Everyone was happy with it even my brother and his friend who are both much better at shooting than me. My brothers friend loved it so much hes gonna buy a kit. You cant complain for shooting over 250 rounds for like 7 bucks. Ill get some pics later. By the way just so you know the slide lock switch doesnt work after you finish the magazine. That was known when I bought it. Its really no inconvenience. You have to manually use it.
I have both a Ciener and a Kimber 22LR 1911 conversion kit. Ciener is hard to deal with as he does not take credit cards, will not answer his phone, and was back ordered three months when I bought mine. I had almost given up and thought my cashiers check was gone forever. The product did eventually arrive on my door step. The Ciener product works but the fit was loose and finish as just average. The Kimber kit was a more high quality item with much closer fit tolerances, better finish, and extra mags are easier to purchase online. You can often find Kimber 22LR kits in stock at Kimber dealers, or they can order one for you. Because the kits do not include the frame, you can buy a 22LR kit on line without going through a FFL.
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