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Most likely then you'd leave the shop without one. Mine are worth more than $200 a piece and since I'm a machinist by trade, I cannot find anything I couldn't fix, machine, or replace.

I assume a good gunsmith could do the same.

Normally there are 2 things that determine the price of an item!!!
1) how rabid a person(s) are to have it, you see this in new Christmas toys at unheard of prices.
2) what the market will bear as to what people will pay for it.
around here from what I see currently the chances of selling a Taurus 24/7 for the prices listed are well, like seeing a snowball in a hell storm here.
but like real estate its a lot about location, and of course how unaware that the buyer is to market prices.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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