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1st range trip 24/7pro c 9mm

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Had it for a few weeks now i always listen to you guys talking about the trigger on the 24/7s . dry firing does not do this trigger justice. it always felt spoongy to me got it to the range today and was blown away by how good it felt putting rds down range. This gun was dead on at 15yds 1st shoot for a $340 dollar gun to be that accurate right out of the box thats awesome put about 130 rds on it with out a problem. I was gonna let the wife have it but thinking twice about that now :D so thats my 2 cents worth get one. :eek: 8)
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Congrats. How about pictures of the target.
Congratulations on your new 24/7 Pro C 9mm, Ghost Rider. This is my daily carry and I couldn't be happier and have had similar range results - only many times over. Enjoy and never let your wife touch it - just buy her another gun (MilPro maybe). ;D
I'm getting envious....I have a Mil pro I"m happy with, but gosh darn it, I love the compact......
afrats said:
Congrats. How about pictures of the target.
dont have that capability right now, still living like the ammish around here ha ha. took 4 guns to range expectations were not that high for this gun, but i am a big fan now. If i was looking for ccw and funds were tight this is the way togo. dont let the gun store talk you into buying some thing more expensive. this gun will do the job from the first shot,very impressed
congrats,me and the wife are taking our 24/7 full size to the range saturday
I agree with the dry fire feel of the 24/7 trigger. You don't get a true feel for how good it really is until you fire live rounds.
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