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1st Gen 24/7 Pro C DS frame pin coming out?

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I just bought my wife a Taurus 24/7 Pro C DS for personal defense and I bought it used at a gun shop and I noticed after firing a couple rounds out of it after bringing it home that it appears that the pin in between the take-down, and slide release it protruding from the frame slightly and I was wondering if this was normal and if not what can I do to safely tap it back into place. I have a reasonable knowledge of firearms so if someone offered a push in the right direction I would appreciate it a ton. I will upload a pic as soon as possible for reference.

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Nope, none of the pins on my 24/7 and 24/7 C pistols looked like that. I suggest you use a bit of the blue loctite on the protruding part of the pin before pushing it back in.

Welcome to the forum from Texas!
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Welcome from Indiana! Taurus10 gave good advise. If you just tap it back in, it will work back out. Go with the blue loctite. A small drop on the pin before pushing back in and then wipe up the excess. Let it sit.
Thank you both for the replies and a huge thanks to you Taurus10 I'll be going out to purchase some blue 242 this evening after work. I didn't think that was normal for any pin to be protruding from the frame but I thought it best to ask since this is my first Taurus ever and I bought it for my wife, but after shooting it I think I'd like to get one for myself too because it was reasonably accurate for being a compact and field stripping is a breeze.
The 24/7 Pro C DS is an excellent CCW. I love mine, too. Btw, the pink one was/is hard to find and the ladies love it! Congrats!
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