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1911s... Aluminum vs Steel

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I'm interested in buying a Taurus PT1911 .45... What are the basic differences (quality, durability, shooting, problems, etc) between the ALUMINUM and STEEL frame models?...
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The biggest difference right now is the aluminum frame models are not available as of yet. ;) So I really don't think anyone will be able to post on the aspects you are looking for. (quality, durability, etc)
Thanks NYPD... Catalog shows 'em and I was told they were coming out in May... So, I guess if STEEL is it, than so be it. Thanks
The chances are Steel model will be more durable anyways...You can't go wrong with steel ;)
Yeah, kinda feel that way about Steel anyway...
Own a bunch of CZs (9mms) and really love that 'heavy-metal' quality feel... Want to get a 1911 .45 and have heard nothing but positives about the Taurus PTs and Springfield GIs (real good quality and real good value!!)... Just can't see spending the $800-900 for some of the other names. That's kinda been the story for me with the CZs... a great all metal gun, at a great price.
Not that there's anything wrong with alloy; I'm a big fan of the 92 platform. PT92/92FS, and P226 are some of the best 9mm guns out there and they have alloy frames. 1911 was designed as a steel framed gun and that's how I like it. ;) but S&W and some other guns makers have been making 1911's with alloy frames for some time now and I haven't heard any horror stories...
If it's not steel, it's not real. :D
rdoggsilva said:
If it's not steel, it's not real. :D
I like that. :thumb:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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