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1911 Stainless?

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Anyone know when the Stainless version will ship? Got 3 sold already but Taurus keeps sayin sometime this fall. Wish theye'd kick it in the *ss some. IRISH :mad:
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was told November when I called a few weeks ago...
been waiting on SS for over a year,in the mean time I bought a SA inSS loaded. verry happy with it. :D
Lot of Taurus pistols I am waiting on..... Anything new in the PT1911 line would be welcome. I heard once that a blued commander model would be out before the full size PT1911 would, but then again thats just another rumor... And I haven't seen an photo's on the web of a commander model. Just 2 blued full size and 2 SS full size, 1 of each had a tac-rail.
Richard from Taurus posted elsewhere on this forum that the PT1911 Stainless will be available late this year...no plans for the commander or other calibers at the moment.
Richard also said that early next year, a blue and a SS frame with rail will be available.
i'm also waiting for the pt1911 commander.
warbani said:
i'm also waiting for the pt1911 commander.
Sadly, despite all the rumors we have heard... Richard said there was no plans for a commander model (bummer) :(
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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