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1911 sights

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HI,I have a PT1911ss 9mm.I am thinking of putting on a set of fiber optic sights and was wondering if anyone has them or what you would recommend.I see midway has some for the taurus and it says no fitting required.Thinking they were made by novak.Thanks for any replies.
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Even though the Novacs say no fitting required...don't believe it. I have them on 2 of my 1911, but a pain in the ass to make them fit. JMO And their CS sucks big time...good sights though.
I just bought a PT1911 .45 ACP with factory Novaks and I like them fine. I may switch to Williams in the future, maybe not.
HiViz and Williams both make great fiber optic sights, just make sure that the sights you choose are specifically for the
PT1911. Taurus uses a different dovetail than the standard 1911 Novak cut. Your first stop should be at Dawson Precision.
Their sights and their CS are top-notch, and their website has excellent info on choosing and fitting sights. If you decide
that you would rather have someone else install the sights for you, most LGS' can install them for a (usually) relatively small

www.dawsonprecision.com Home Page
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As the other guys have mentioned all these companies make fiber optic sights for the PT1911.
a couple points here!
They are not screw in sights and so require fitting (normally minor fitting) or they would not stay in place under recoil, personally i had 5 to 1 rather have a fitted sight than a screw in.
the Hi Viz is likely the most economical , but it is still made of steel and has interchangeable fiber optic rods so you can pick your color.
the Dawson precision offers a wide variety of sight heights, so if you want/need to change the POA in relation to POI thats the way to go in my opinion.
I personally have probelms with dawson fiber optics because the rods are so small that my old bad eyes have problems picking them up in all but very bright light, they are a great customer oriented company however.
Here are some examples of the fiber optic sights on my 1911'.
first picture is the Para LTC with a Dawson precision sight, the second is a Taurus 1911 with a Hi-Viz (notice its large diameter optic rod), and finally a RIA with a Hi-Viz green fiber optic rod replacing the red rod.
IF you will click on the pictures they will enlarge to alow you to see the sights better.
Hope this helps you some.


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Thanks for the replies.Is it hard to fit the sights yourself?
Thanks for the replies.Is it hard to fit the sights yourself?
Not really!
if the sight is picked out especially to fit the particular gun then its usually a matter of just reducing the base a bit as the angle of the sight/VS dovetail is correct.
so normaly a bit of filing off the base until it slides about 3/4 of the way into the dovetail, followed by using a small hammer and a brass /aluminum punch will drive it it pretty well.
OF course if you have a sight pusher then use that!
just remember anytime fitting a part to a gun (especially a 1911) that you want to remove the metal from the part not the gun--In other words do not file the dovetail.
Go to the dawson precision website, i am almost positive they have a video on installation, if not You Tube does.
they all fit basically the same way.
one note is that certain sights(companies) will have a arrow on the bottom of the base, that shows the direction that it should go into the dovetail.
normally these sights have a very slight bevel at that end to help installation.
hope this helps.
I am sure there are several posts here on the instalaltion process if you do a search.
Wheres that dbeardslee guy he loves to explain this stuff???
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Dawson Precision has a video link on their website on sight installation, in the video they do show breaking (very slighly) the corner of the dovetail cut on the slide.
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