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147gr LFP in a PT111???

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ok... I'm very new to reloading... but we (my wife and I) both shoot PT111's and we shoot about 300-500 rounds a week. I bought a dillion 550 used from a friend and ordered the 9mm dies and kit. I found a small gun store that has about 4000 rounds of 147 gr Lead flat point ammo... it's still marked at the "old" cost... $45 per 1000.

I read on this site that as long as I keep the chamber pressure down, that it should be ok. I can load 147grs with 2.0 - 2.3grains of "clays" and keep the PSI down around the 900 range.

1. will this load work in the PT111?
2. will a low pressure load like this have much more recoil the factory loads?
3. has anyone else used this type of load?

We just shoot targets, iron plates, and maybe IDPA one day. :D

THANKS for any info you can share!!!!!!

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Check out Hodgdon's website to look up load tables. Their load data is the way to go, so there is no guess work.

I've haven't made a reload yet that won't work in my PT111, some 147 RN with bottom of the chart powder is one of my more accurate loads. I started with bottom of the list powder charges on most of my 9mm loads and all cycle just fine, seems to be a very unpicky gun. I've used Titegroup, Win Super Field, Accurate #7 & unique all with fine results. Just follow the book and stay within recommended charges and OAL and you'll be fine.

Recoil wise I couldn't tell the difference between the 147's I loaded vs WWB 115. My 8 year old shot the 147s OK but it was his first time firing a pistol larger than 22LR.

I think the 147 I got were Hornadys, same deal $24 for 500 been sitting in the shop for a long time. After shooting a few of them I'd take more if I could get them.

I just started loading some 135 LRN that I got 2000 for $100 and they seem to work pretty well as well, I haven't been able to get a lead bullet to shot as well as WWB yet though. I have some XTP's to try to load and see if I can match or better WWB accuracy.

Again, my PT111 seems to eat anything, but shoots some better than others. Berry's plated bullets are the worst I've ever loaded. 10" pattern at 20' (plating stripped off of recovered bullets), WWB 2" group, most of my reloads are 3-4" range.

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Thanks for the info!!! I'll pick up a few boxes of the 147's and save them for a rainy day. ;D

I did order 1500 125gr LRN that cost me $80 with shipping. I didn't think that was to bad... Where did you get the 135's?

My PT111 loves WWB! That about all we shoot right now.

Custom Cast Bullets, I think it's a one man operation, but just double checked his website and it looks to be gone, he must have let his website expire. They were supposed to be 125, but weight 135-137. I got them just a few months ago. Good hard bullets, I think I could shoot the recovered bullet again. Shot into snow & ice, same as the Berrys that hand no jacket left and deformed noses.

Can't find email or recept quickly, I'll have to look later. I think he was is Wisconsin.

Darn, I was hopping to get more from him. Maybe he'll be back.

Where are you at, I wouldn't mind having 1000 or 2000 of those 147's, shipping would only be $7.80 a box as I am planning on getting another 9mm soon, probably a PT99.

I'm in north flordia. I'll get a exact cost on the 147's next time I stop by the shop and let you know.
I use 3.8grs of unique and 4.4grs of Pwer Pistol in 147gr LFP.
Have you tried Stonewall Bullet Co. Best prices on the net I have found. Great guy to work with.
Great prices, thanks, I thought I got a good deal last time, but I could almost get 3000 for the same price.

Wow... great prices! I may need a "few" more rounds... :D
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