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anyone load for 10mm? As i wait for my Glock G20SF to come in, I've been thinking about full power loads for it. :guns:
looking to load 180gr and 200gr, so far my powder of choice is Hodgdon Longshot and primers as i have read about other loaders using CCI 350 with Longshot
I'm kinda looking for 1300fps (180gr) 1200fps (200gr) These loads will be for Hunting / Hunting side arm usage
I also ordered a KKM stock length barrel (a 6" is around the corner too)
and i havent decided on which recoil spring 20 or 22lb (if i'm gonna need it)
so if you load hot for 10 mil can you fill me in a bit :unsure:
if i like i may consider a 10mm as my carry gun
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