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Glad that it's working great for you and nice groups.

Something to try as far as function tests that I've done in the past. While using standard or lighter ammo, and preferably dirty if possible, try to make the gun fail. I'm talking about strong hand only, weak hand only, weak hand with a limp wrist, upside down weak hand etc. Basically take what you've heard might cause an auto to fail and see if you can induce it to fail. The reason for the lighter loads is so the gun has less energy to work with. Now, it you get any bobbles during this time, try and duplicate it so you know what happened. That way you know what to be concerned about.

I suspect thought that you won't be able to make it do anything but shoot. I did all this with a Kahr K40 we had for my gf for a short time. It was somewhere around the second half of the period and I wanted to see if I could make it fail. The gun won. We'd still have it if either of us could have hit squat with it. The P9 she has now is much more agreeable.

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