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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys! New guy here from Missouri (or Missou-rah if you're a shifty politician trying to sound folksy). Today, I am going to pick up my new Taurus 738. I wanted one after shooting a friend's TCP two years ago. Last year, when the time came to buy a pocket pistol, I couldn't find a TCP...
  2. The 700's
    ok so i have a few post had question about the gun and i finally got it yesterday and i did a few things to it to make it mine!! personalize it so here is a pic of it its still needs to be cleaned up but was in a hurry to show it LOL i will clean it up more and post new pics!!! its a 2010...
  3. The 700's
    hi every one got a question? how long should it last? i am new to the shooting world. i got my self a TCP 380 738 C series. i got it used for 150 bucks at a pawn shop i like the way it feels and so light! i just want to know if there should be anything i should change on gun, parts or...
1-3 of 3 Results