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  1. Other Long Arms
    Has anyone else purchased the Hatfield 12 gauge single shot shot gun from Wallymart for 99.95? I just got mine the other day. Kinda reminds me of the old New England firearms company singles they used to sell. It does not have a choke and does not have a necked down barrel, straight barrel all...
  2. The Firing Line
    I saw one of these in person on a recent visit to my LGS. Semi Automatic Shotgun | SRM Arms The set of tubes under the barrel is set of magazines, and you can rotate the tubes to bring a new magazine into operation. So it has four times the capacity of a regular shotgun, and you can also do...
  3. Other Long Arms
    I have a Browning 2000 12 ga. gas operated shotgun my late father bought in about 1975. It is still brand new and has never been fired, though I don't have the original packaging. It's in almost perfect condition except for a tiny spot next to the stock where the bluing is off color a bit. No...
  4. Other Long Arms
    Remington Versa Max Tactical 12 Gauge Semi-Automatic Fighting Shotgun I only wish the price point was comparable to the Mossberg 930 SPX rather than the FN SLP. Other than that it looks like another great semi-auto shotgun for the role of home defense.
  5. Other Long Arms
    This was originally my grandfather's hunting shotgun but when he passed away in 1989 it became my fathers. He recently passed as well so I've inherited it. My dad never hunted with it but my grandfather took it out quite often and if it wasn't him hunting with it then one of my dad's younger...
1-5 of 5 Results