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  1. Factory Loads
    They've got what looks to be pretty good prices on .45, .45+p .40, 38 special, and even some 9mm. If that's your ammo I wouldn't miss out! $22.99 on most of them, the 9mm was a bit higher, around 37% off most of it. http://www.midwayusa.com/find?userSearchQuery=golden+saber The page shows...
  2. PT92, TX 22, GX4 & Other Taurus Pistols
    Hello! I am a new member here but have had many handguns from an original pt-111 (non pro), an ultralite stainless 38 which is my main carry, and just bought my girlfriend a pt-22. the problem is that i was letting my uncle see the pt-22 because he is a gun nut and he dropped it on the...
  3. Firearms & Firearm Related
    I'm selling a case of Blazer Aluminum .45 ACP, asking $320.00 shipped. I shoot more .40 S&W at the moment than either .45 ACP or 9mm so thought this may be a decent deal for the .45 ACP fans. Prefer payment either by bank cashiers check or United States Postal Service Money Order. Included below...
1-3 of 3 Results