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  1. Taurus / Rossi Rifles
    Lever guns seem to be made of gold these days, with Winchester,Henry's and Uberti's going for $1000 up to infinity. Rossi's running $700 up to $1300. But I still had an itch to scratch, and I am not sure Lever rifles will come down much more during the usual summer slump. I paid $719 for this...
  2. Taurus / Rossi Rifles
    Yesterday I bought a blued Rossi R92 'El Jefe' lever action in 45 Colt with a 20" round barrel. First thing I did when I got it home was clean it. The first few patches came out completely black. Is it a preservative coating? I put 50 rounds through it this afternoon. The buckhorn sights were...
  3. Taurus / Rossi Rifles
    So last thursday (april 11th) I took deliver of a used rossi .44 magnum single shot rifle. I saw her at a local gun store amd instantly fell in love with her. The first day I took her out she sot beautifully kicked like a mule but was wonderfully accurate. However soon into the shoot a problem...
  4. Taurus / Rossi Rifles
    Hoping Taurus will bring back the Model 62 pump 22lr. Especially in stainless. These are really cool little rifles, and considered a great backpack & survival rifle. How many others would like to see this Rifle be come back available. Most dont realized it does brake down. Our club been...
  5. The Firing Line
    Does anyone know of some land somewhere, or maybe a local range (not private) around central Mississippi to shoot? Pistol and rifle. I live in Brandon, MS, and just bought a new .22 lr, and I have no where to go (that I know of). Any help would be much appreciated!!:cool:
  6. Taurus / Rossi Rifles
    Why do I want a Ranch Hand so much!?! I don't live on a ranch, nor am I a huge western movie buff, but I've been looking at them all day!:cool:
  7. The Firing Line
    Its about time Okeechobee got a nice place to shoot. After having several bad experiences at the other "shooting sports" place across the way, I was done shooting in town. I kept hearing things from a lot of friends that there was a really nice new place down 80th off Hwy 70 East...(Kept...
1-7 of 7 Results