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  1. Taurus Product Problems
    Rear sight is movable with my thumb, not super loose but certainly not tight. Anyone else have this? It looks like the sight might be slightly deformed (not perfectly rectangle, seems to have a small dent.) The real question is to warranty or to use loctite. Perhaps even just ask Taurus for...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello, One of my main reasons for joining was to try and find a rear sight laser ,or side mounted, or rod, adapted to my gun, The Gc2. My alien gear system does not allow for anything on the rail, unfortunately. Has anyone had luck adapting a laser to a Gc-2 Thank you.
  3. Taurus Product Problems
    First, if you can provide any solutions to my dilemma I would greatly appreciate your assistance. I have primarily lurked on various firearm boards, as I didn't believe I had much which I could contribute. I now find myself posting to several with this question as I am simply running out of...
  4. The 700's
    I would like to find a good used rear sight the one on the PT 740 I just got has broken. is there any way to fix it ? At this time I cant afford to get a whole new sight system.
  5. The 700's
    Hey all, I'm looking for help adjusting the rear sight on my PT 740 Slim. I have no idea where my manual is or anything else that came with it when I bought it. Mainly, I just need to know how to use the windage screws on the side of the rear sight (which one does what) and what the screw on the...
1-5 of 5 Results