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  1. Taurus Product Problems
    I have a Judge Magnum and have it for a couple years with zero problems (use it for skeet, target, home defense, killed groundhogs/raccoons/possums/ and crow with it), and recommended it to many friends to get it for home defense. This is a perfect conceal carry gun for any big guy. I use the...
  2. The Judge
    I've been looking for a solid review on the Raging Judge Magnum for a while now. I couldn't find much more than people questioning whether it was a 28 gauge, could or could not accept 454 rounds, or just talking about it. So I decided to do a review to help anybody that's considering one. When...
  3. The Judge
    Anyone using the 6.5" Raging Judge? Debating between the 3" and 6.5". 3 is "easier" to carry but 6.5 can have a scope. Not sure if I would ever actually put a scope on it... but just in case! ;) Anyone have any experience or educated opinions on the 3" vs 6.5"?
1-3 of 3 Results