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  1. The Judge
    I've been looking for a short barrel Raging Judge but no one has it in stock. It is still being produced? Does anyone know of an FFL that has one in stock that will ship it to my FFL? Thanks in advance.
  2. The Judge
    Has anyone got recommendations for a good holster that is affordable for the 3 inch Raging Judge? I have seen several for the longer barrel Raging Judge and tons for the normal Judges of all varieties but virtually nothing other than custom expensive holsters for the snub nose. I know that...
  3. The Judge
    Hi all I just joined the forum today because I fell in love with the Raging Judge My main question is what version does everyone prefer at first I wanted the 3in but now looking at the 6-1/2in version I can't make up my mind. Are the barrels interchangeable if I decided to switch to a...
  4. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    So ive been looking over many forums and other websites and got many mixed reviews on the judges my buddy has the standard judge and its a good gun i really like the look and feel of the RJ but mixed on the price jump if it worth it and the pros and cons of the mag and the ultralite version any...
  5. The Judge
    Anyone using the 6.5" Raging Judge? Debating between the 3" and 6.5". 3 is "easier" to carry but 6.5 can have a scope. Not sure if I would ever actually put a scope on it... but just in case! ;) Anyone have any experience or educated opinions on the 3" vs 6.5"?
1-5 of 5 Results