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raging judge magnum

  1. Raging Judge Grips Replacement

    The Judge
    I'm wondering if anyone here has replaced the factory grips on their Raging Judge with wooden grips? Did you notice a significant difference in felt recoil, gun handling, etc.? What manufacturer did you use/ What was your estimated cost? Just forward thinking. I have no problem with the...
  2. Saw a RJM today!

    Taurus Revolvers
    I finally got to take a look at the Raging Judge Magnum up close and personal today! That is a hefty revolver and I'm sure it packs just as hefty if a punch with that .454! I don't think I can justify buying one, but I wouldn't object to taking one off someone's hands! Well done Taurus!:)
  3. New as a member after reading valuable info here for years!

    Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Just had to join and post how great this site is and how helpfull the members posting are. I have been reading posts here for quite a while, and now after just getting my first Taurus, a new stainless finish Raging Judge Magnum long barrel I figured I should post how it went back on my personal...