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  1. New Member Introductions
    How's it going. Alex from Maine here. Have always favored Taurus firearms(revolver guy here). I currently own 5 Taurus revolvers, along with several other guns. Just today I picked up a Raging Bull .454 with 8 3/8'' barrel.
  2. Taurus Revolvers
    Hello all!<br>First off, I will premise this with I, nor my friends that have helped, are idiots.<br><br>I have ordered two scope mounts to fit my .44 Magnum raging bull. It is the SS with 8 3/8" ported barrel. Neither the Taurus scope mount (part #10-032) nor the B-Square version fit. When I...
  3. Taurus Revolvers
    Howdy everyone this is my first post, first 44 mag, and first Taurus. Now before I purchase the revolver I looked up reviews and read ALOT of smack talk about Taurus quality and how everyone sends them back to the factory serveral times and the customer service sucking a bit. Well, my experience...
1-3 of 4 Results