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  1. The Judge
    Anyone else have heavy lead fouling in the judge poly?I've been using fiochi cowboy loads. I know all cylinders are in perfect timing and it's not shaved lead. Some comes off but it's stubborn as hell. My other normal handguns have smooth rifled barrels. This one seems rugged. Maybe because it's...
  2. The Judge
    Is this pretty normal wear for around 300 rounds? That white cowboy lead residue is a pain to remove, almost i mpossible.
  3. The Judge
    Can excessive cooking and decocking cause any harm? I practice single action draws often. Not dryfiring, I ease the hammer down each time. I also do it to check the timing. Could Excessively cocking and decocking prematurely wear anything out? I have no problem shooting it. I just cringe to do...
  4. The Judge
    Love my pd poly. Here's the pics to prove it! Lol #Gunglo[
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi, everyone. I'm Santana. Happy to finally make my first post here. I joined the forum a few weeks ago, while waiting eagerly for my excessively extended background check to clear. Get the call this morning, on day 14, that the shop finally was willing to release my piece from their hostage. 🤣...
  6. The Judge
    Hello all, I am a newbie here, just joined. I purchased a Pubic Defender Poly and took it out for it first run yesterday. While I had no issues whatsoever with the 45 Colts, some of the 410 shells do not easily drop into the cylinder. The way I discovered this to be a problem is that one did...
  7. The Judge
    I've been snooping around on the site for a few weeks reading all about The Judge and Taurus stuff in general. I picked up a poly pd from palmetto a few weeks ago and i'm really enjoying it. It's good to see some enthusiasts and general fans of these guns. I've got one experience I want to...
1-7 of 7 Results