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  1. Hi everyone. Nice forum!

    Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    I have registered a few months ago but only now I actually have some time to post. The PT1911 was my first gun. I have had it for around 5 years, thousands of rounds. Great gun, even when compared to other more expensive guns out there. I recently found the need to get a smaller, more...
  2. Is mailing in the postcard required for Warranty?

    Taurus Product Problems
    Sorry for a newb question, but I noticed today when I picked up my PT92 that I had to mail in the warranty card for the warranty to even begin. Is this true, or can you register online?
  3. PT92AF vs PT92BL

    PT92 & Other Taurus Pistols
    This question may have been answered somewhere else, but I am either to dumb (or too lazy) to find it. Can someone please explain to me the difference between a PT92AF and a PT92BL. Several months ago, I bought a PT92AF at Academy Sports for $406.00, OTD. I really liked the gun, except the...