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  1. Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    I know people have grinded down the pinky extension from their stock millennium g2 mags but has anyone tried swapping the baseplate with another model(such as the pt92, pt911, pt111, 24/7) that is flush fitting with no pinky extension?
  2. Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    I have a Pt111 mil pro with NO rail. I would love to add a laser or light. Is there an adapter to attach that fits this particular model or could a good gunsmith cut one into it? ANY help would be much appreciated!
  3. Concealed & Open Carry
    Just got my ccw and I am having trouble finding a holster I like for my pistol. Either iwb ,owb, or pocket holster , What are you guys using to hold hold pistol comfortably and safely? Thank you and happy shooting !
  4. Smithing
    bad day at the range. Taurus PT92 AF. fired one round and the magazine release fell out. I found the two main side parts and a spring, but lost the spring :( can anyone tell me if there are more than 3 parts to the mag release? part 2.... firing my Taurus Millennium PT111. & shots and what...
  5. Firearms & Firearm Related
    WTS Mil Pro 9mm PT111 3rd gen, Heine sights.; FTF in Dallas area. About 300 to 400 rounds through it with no problems. Asking $250 or make an offer. Comes with 2 mags and hard case. Excellent condition.
1-5 of 5 Results