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  1. Taurus Product Problems
    I have seen some recent posts - forgive me if this is a repost as I am new to the forums - about a Taurus settlement. I carry a Model 617552 revolver but I figured it would be helpful to post the link to the Taurus exchange program. https://www.tauruscartersettlement.com/register/
  2. Taurus Product Problems
    New PT 111 G2 2nd time on the range the recoil failed. Is this a requiring problem with this gun? I do not want a gun that will just fall apart under light use.
  3. Taurus Product Problems
    Hello everyone! I am a new firearms owner. I have a Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 9mm. I took my gun to the indoor range to shoot it for the first time and noticed flames coming from the ejection port almost every time I fired a round. I only fired 3 magazines (36 rounds) out of fear of damaging...
  4. Taurus / Rossi Rifles
    So last thursday (april 11th) I took deliver of a used rossi .44 magnum single shot rifle. I saw her at a local gun store amd instantly fell in love with her. The first day I took her out she sot beautifully kicked like a mule but was wonderfully accurate. However soon into the shoot a problem...
  5. Taurus Product Problems
    Is the trigger mechanism in PT22 interchangeable with that of PT22 Poly? I do not own a Poly to check it out myself. Is there anyone who happens to own both? Thanks. Joe
  6. Taurus Revolvers
    Hello all!<br>First off, I will premise this with I, nor my friends that have helped, are idiots.<br><br>I have ordered two scope mounts to fit my .44 Magnum raging bull. It is the SS with 8 3/8" ported barrel. Neither the Taurus scope mount (part #10-032) nor the B-Square version fit. When I...
  7. Taurus Product Problems
    Having feeding problems with your TCP 738? The fix is here.... Does your TCP 738 have feeding problems, Hang when you chamber the 1st round? Your not a loan I too had this problem and thought " oh no I bought one of the bad tcp's" well I searched the internet about my problem and found...
  8. Taurus Revolvers
    So I purchased a used model 82 revolver from a local pawn shop recently. I took it straight to the range and could almost immediatly tell there was a problem. Every 4-5 times I cocked the hammer, the cylinder would spin a tad too far and the firing pin would hit the side of the cartridge. Any...
  9. Taurus Product Problems
    Bought a new p809 yesterday at Academy Sports. Got the gun home, stripped, cleaned, and lubed. Usually break in before trusting a gun; however I traded my home defense gun for this one. Loaded u p, racked round in chamber and used de-cocker to release hammer. Gun discharged into the kitchen...
  10. Taurus Product Problems
    Issues with TAURUS 990 TRACKER® .22 LR?? Hello there, my name is John and i just joined this forum and had a few questions about my new TAURUS 990 TRACKER® .22 LR I got this gun about a month ago. First time to the range i shot 200 rounds and it was perfect! Very heavy trigger but I am a big...
1-10 of 10 Results