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  1. Taurus 605 Polymer - What holster ?!?!?!

    Taurus Revolvers
    Ugh, I am extremely frustrated right now !! I have been looking for hours for a molded holster for my new revolver and I cannot find one ! I have searched the internet and this website kept pulling up with threads but the information wasn't really useful to me . I would like to see what...
  2. Purchasing a complete pistol frame

    I'm in search of a complete pistol frame to mate to a PT-111 Pro Millennium edition, since I've seen a complete parts kit minus the frame selling on eBay. Has anyone seen where a frame can be found?
  3. 738 polymer vs steel frame

    The 700's
    Hello all! I have been to this site a few times before but this is my first post. I tried to do a search, but the engine didn't yield anything relevant, neither here nor on google! Anyways I just have a simple question: I am going to buy the 738 any day now.. should I go with black steel or...