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  1. Taurus Product Problems
    I bought a taurus 605 poly for my first gun, I brought it home and was opening the cylinder a few times and noticed that it was getting pretty hard to open. It now requires enough force to open that I have to use both hands full force. I have no idea what is wrong, and it was easier to open in...
  2. Taurus Revolvers
    Within the last week I purchased a 605 Poly in 357. I’m following my normal break in procedures for a new weapon prior to range time. I’m having difficulty releasing the cylinder. When I depress and push forward on the release button and push on the cylinder I have to exert a great deal of force...
  3. Taurus Product Problems
    Is the trigger mechanism in PT22 interchangeable with that of PT22 Poly? I do not own a Poly to check it out myself. Is there anyone who happens to own both? Thanks. Joe
1-3 of 3 Results