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  1. Taurus model 82

    Taurus Revolvers
    I was wondering if it's possible to take model 85 parts on model 82 including the barrel because they sell all the parts of the model 85 on eBay for 100 it's a little cheaper than buying a gun
  2. 24/7 G2 Trigger Safety Springs Possibly Available

    Taurus Product Problems
    Last week, after my approximately 1400th round, through my .40 caliber 24/7 G2 full-size, my trigger safety spring sheared off on one end. I contacted Taurus, and was told they wouldn't sell me the part, but would repair the weapon free of charge. I really didn't want to go through the hassle of...
  3. Seeking Rossi 972 cylinder

    Rossi Revolvers
    I have a stainless Rossi 972 in .375 that I would like to use theatrically, i.e. for photoshoots, professional costuming, parties, contests, etc. The fact that it is a legitimate firearm hasn't been so much of a problem up to this point, as I have plugged the cylinders with expanding anchors to...
  4. PT 145 Unknown Parts

    Taurus Product Problems
    I'm working with a friend (via phone calls) on a PT 145. It's a Millennium (I think it's an earlier generation). The pistol's slide was completely disassembled and now there's a spring missing, however we can't find any information about the spring or the parts is related to (all models...
  5. Replacement Parts PT945

    PT92 & Other Taurus Pistols
    I have received (or saved depending on how you look at it) a PT-945 from and individual who killed it. I have replaced some of the parts, but can't find other things like slide or slide assembly and such. Where is the best places to find parts. I am gonna make this weapon beautiful again. I need...
  6. Where to order PT140 Pro Slide or frame by themselves?

    Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    Hello, I am somewhat new to this forum, having only joined a couple weeks ago. I am also somewhat of a newer Taurus owner. I purchased my first Taurus handgun around 3 months ago. What I really wanted was the PT111 Millennium G2, but there wasn't a single local store that carried it, so I...
  7. Parts for .357 mag Ti 7-shot that is discontinued?

    Taurus Revolvers
    I would like to find a new titanium spare cylinder and new rubber ribbed grips. Maybe a SS barrel liner. Maybe other parts. Can I find new spare parts for my gun, if so where?