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  1. Taurus Product Problems
    Just bought my first hand gun, a taurus g3c a few weeks ago. Fired only 25 rounds off. It has jammed in my gun safety class and jammed when practicing at the gun range. The sec jam was the last, cause the magazine release button has literally fell off. Should I contact the manufacturer or take...
  2. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Hey guys Al here and as it says, Nebraska Noob! I got a G3 last May, have yet to shoot it because the very next day the G3C dropped. I have a question, is there a trading market for this? A never fired (dry firing with a laser and dummies) for a similar condition G3C? I wanted to see what I...
  3. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Hello everyone! By way of introduction: I’m not new to shooting, but I did purchase my very first firearm at the end of August and it was a Taurus G3. Looking forward to participating here in the forums!
    Hello. New member but I've been shooting Taurus pistols for a while now (PT-111 G2 (2 of them), PT 24/7 G2 .45, TCP, PT-709, PT-22). I recently picked up a NIB Spectrum from my LGS. I took it out to the range and tried some steel (Tula) and some brass (WWB) ammo. For the most part it's about 50...
  5. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Hi from a new member on Florida's Gulf Coast! Looks like a great group! Just bought my 3rd Taurus.
  6. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Hi all, I have come to this forum to learn about many things, Taurus, The Right to Bear Arms, Get Pointers about all sorts of Topics Covering Guns, Ammo, Concealed Carry, and anything else so many of you have to offer to a New Member. I would also like to give my thanks to all who have Served...
  7. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    What's up guys, I've been reading a bunch here over the past week. I just ordered a TCP from KGC and it should be here in a couple days. I'm initially looking to find the most used accessories you guys have. Also looking for a great pocket holster that completely covers the trigger guard, is...
  8. PT92, TX 22 & Other Taurus Pistols
    :confused: Does anyone know the year in which Taurus added the loaded chamber indicator in the PT92AFS?
  9. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Hello everyone; New Pt709 slim owner. My first Taurus. I saw some good posts with great info. and thought I'd join on up.
  10. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Hey new guy here just a twenty year old who is waiting til September so I can purchase a pistol. I was leaning toward a Taurus pt100 or a s&w 4006. I need some advice though I'm a large guy about 6'3 280lbs and I am not comfortable open carry. So iwb seems the way to go any suggestions for this...
  11. PT92, TX 22 & Other Taurus Pistols
    so I bought my first ever gun about 5 days ago from academy, a PT92 and found this forum and thought of joining. I am not quiet sure how to post pictures here yet but I'll figure it out. I only bought 2 boxes of 50 count brass ammo, i should have just bought 3 (that was dumb of me). I am really...
  12. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Hi everyone, I'm posting for the first time on here. Looking forward to the comraderie here.
  13. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Just purchased a PT111 G2 9mm and after tons of research everything kept bringing me to this site. After doing a little forum stalking I found a lot of useful information on this gun considering there is nothing on it being that it is so new. So any additional information on this pistol is...
  14. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    I'm new to the forum but I have have been shooting and loving it since I was a child. I've been running an 809 for a while and I am a firm believer that there is no better pistol in the world for the price. I am excited to be here and look forward to learning from all of you.
  15. The 700's
    Hello all, This is my first real hideaway gun. My other handguns are a CZ75 and a Bersa .22. They are both fun shooters and fit my hand well. Both of those are all steel and heavy enough to never disappear. This TCP is just amazing how compact it is. I just got the TCP last week and haven't...
  16. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Just had to join and post how great this site is and how helpfull the members posting are. I have been reading posts here for quite a while, and now after just getting my first Taurus, a new stainless finish Raging Judge Magnum long barrel I figured I should post how it went back on my personal...
  17. Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    Went to purchase the PT 145 today (my first gun) and after an hour of waiting, even with a purchase permit, I got the "delay" Bummed cause I wanted to clean it and hit the range tomorrow, The reason I chose the PT145 as my first gun is because of the stopping power for home protection, the mag...
  18. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Hi , I just Bought my first Revolver. I bought a .38 Spl, I've only shot Pistols, shotguns and rifles before. I bought the Taurus on the recommendation of the dealer I buy from, who has sold me countless firearms over the years. I do have a question, I bought a M85UL 2 1/2 ss. I can figure out...
  19. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Im a newbie and I really dig taurus 1911s. Planning to buy a Stainless Taurus 1911 in caliber .45 this coming June or July. Hope to learn from you all about this great looking gun. Lot of thanks in advance.
  20. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    New member to Taurus Armed, but not new to the field. Would like to make new friends, to learn and to share what I know from experience. Anything you'd like to ask me?, I'll accept private messages from all members.