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  1. Taurus Revolvers
    Hello Guys, I have a stainless .38 model 85 SS2 with a 2" barrel that I have owned since 2000 - received it as a gift from my father. I have probably only fired it 50 or so times, all with target .38 special ammunition. Looking up the SERNO, I discovered that it was made in March of 1990 (!) -...
  2. Firearms
    Hi Folks, I've had this Makarov since new, and while it's nice, and shoots well/comfortably, I've got revolver lust. Darn you people in the revolver forum! It's Makarov caliber; 9x18. My guess is it's had less than 500 rounds through it. Guaranteed it's less than 1000. Function is...
  3. Taurus Revolvers
    Picked up a Model 85 .38 special at the gun show yesterday. I was looking for a .380 pocket auto, but saw this one at what I thought was a reasonable price. I'll still pickup the .380 some other time. This will still work as a pocket pistol with trousers or a jacket. Standard vs. +P. What...
1-3 of 3 Results