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  1. Concealed & Open Carry
    So, a few months ago I ordered this brown leather holster from Versacarry. I used it to carry my Taurus G2C. The size 1 fits the G2C perfectly. The holster comes completely flat and then you put your weapon in and it molds itself to it. It holds it tight up next to you and my gun is very...
  2. Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    Anyone use this on their black/blued finish of their millenium g2? Want to make sure it doesn't remove the finish.
  3. Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    I know people have grinded down the pinky extension from their stock millennium g2 mags but has anyone tried swapping the baseplate with another model(such as the pt92, pt911, pt111, 24/7) that is flush fitting with no pinky extension?
  4. Millennium (Pro) Pistols
    Alright gents so when I was researching which gun to CC, I looked and tested various models alongside the G2. I know there are some comparison threads out there already but figured I'd throw in my 2 cents in case it could be of help to anyone who was in the same situation I was. These reviews...
1-4 of 4 Results