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  1. Taurus Revolvers
    Leaving aside the "Why would you want to?" questions, is there enough metal on the top-strap for a gunsmith to install an adjustable sight? Second question: Can anyone recommend a revolver gunsmith who isn't too proud to work on Taurus products (and who is $reasonable)? Thank you for your...
  2. Taurus Revolvers
    I bought a new Taurus stainless 85 ( cause I always missed my old Detective spl. I sold ) , Love the new little 5 shot....but those two finger grips, while very concealable just weren't my thing, and I like wood. I thought about buying some more Hogue grips, but after a search on eBay I found a...
  3. Taurus Revolvers
    First post, and my first handgun- Taurus Model 85, manf. in 2003. Purchased on consignment at a shop, appeared to be 98% new, almost no wear. The only thing amiss that I noticed in examining this gun was some small wear on the star / gear on the extractor. After some extensive searching on this...
1-3 of 3 Results