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  1. Can’t find the parts! M66 .357

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    Hello all. I’m trying to fix up my old .357. I’ve got it down to where I’m only missing 2-3 pieces. im unable to find these pieces anywhere. obviously calling Taurus isn’t help as I can’t get past the wait time. Most areas I look online are sold out or parts I’m not 100% sure on fit...
  2. Taurus M66 7rd question

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    Kind of random, and sorry.. new guy here so hope I'm correctly posting. Anyways, I have a brand new (never fired) blue (black) 4inch, 7 rd .357. I did install a hogue grip (still have original, and box), and had my gunsmith install lighter springs(still have originals and extras, came as 6...
  3. model 66 barrel length

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    Hey i am new to this forum. i want to buy a new model 66 .357 and was wondering what barrel length people prefer. also is there a big accuracy difference from people who have shot both?
  4. Sighting in a model 66

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    I have a new model 66 with a six inch barrel that I have shot at the range a few times to feel it out. Today I decided to get a little more serious and start to sight it in. Not too serious though because I did not use a rest. I put 21 rounds downrange from 25 yards. This was 158 grain 38...
  5. Taurus m66 six shot

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    Hey everyone, I just put money down on a Taurus m66, with a 6 shot cylinder. The action is very tight, condition is almost 100 percent, and the price was $249, but I talked it down to 229. My question is did I make a good decision buying it?