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  1. Reloads
    Greetings everyone! Ok, bought myself a new revolver from GunBroker. A Taurus 44 tracker, used, and hopefully ready to shoot. Been wanting to ask Taurus owners about reloading for the 44. I have a Speer #15 manual. I am brand new to reloading. I want to start with a modest load and get to know...
  2. Member Introduction - Forum Rules
    Hello all, I've owned a few taurus handguns in the past, (PT92, Millenium G2, 85, etc.) and now today I get to take home my brand new M44 with the 4" barrel. I'm a huge revolver fan, and while I haven't worked up to the nice S&W's, my experience with Taurus firearms has been great. Today, I'll...
1-2 of 2 Results