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  1. Taurus Product Problems
    I recently purchased a new model 992 with the interchangeable .22 & .22 WMR cylinders. When I use the .22 wmr cylinder, I experience light hammer strikes on every 9 shot load resulting in FTF. Any suggestions on cause & resolution or should I just send the revolver in to Taurus for evaluation &...
  2. Smithing
    I have a PT-145 (SN NXC01XXX) purchased used which I sent back to the factory to resolve the magazine drop and light strike issue. They replaced the firing pin spring and did something which seems to have resolved the magazine drop problem. After that I put several hundred rounds through it...
  3. Smithing
    My newest generation pt145 has been having light strike issues since day 1 and I cannot seem to fix it... I have fully cleaned the striker and striker channel (several times) and even tried using graphite for lubrication but nothing seems to work. I have tried Winchester, Remington, fiocchi...
1-3 of 3 Results