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  1. Reloads
    My first forray into reloading, and it's been quite an adventure. Over the past week, I picked up a used Lee Pro 1000, and set it up over a used Harbor Freight work bench. When I tried to set it up, I had to visit Home Depot twice and Walmart once (at 11.30 pm, in the middle of a T-storm!)...
  2. Reloads
    I'm meeting a Craigslist seller tomorrow. He's got a Lee Pro 1000 for $100. It's got a case collator, and I'm assuming it has the die and shellplate I want (9mm). I'm not sure of the condition, but for argument's sake, it is worn but usable - is that a good price? This might be my first press...
1-2 of 2 Results